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It's the only database that gives you intelligence about the people that make the magic happen at events. You know, the people who actually make the decisions. The information in the database is grouped into "Collections," i.e. Top 100 2015 Events in New York, BizBash's Top 2016 Event Innovators.

Subscription holders can view all the contents of the database except individual contacts. Depending on level of subscription, you will receive credits. Credits are used each time you want to reveal the details of a contact. Once you'e revealed the details for a specific contact, you'l always have access to that information. You can either save the contact or download it (.csv file). To see if this database is the right fit for your sales organization, sign up for a FREE trial of the database which will give you access to view the entire database and the ability to reveal five (5) contacts within 12 hours.

We call the data in the BizBash Events Database, "Episodic Data"... the events, people, venues and organizations are grouped into "Collections" and we report on the events as they were in the moment in time that the event took place.

This database was designed for individuals and organizations looking to reach the people behind the scenes of some of the most notable events in the United States and Canada.

Each quarter 2-3 new collections will be added. Annual collections will get updated every 12-13 months. Special collections may be added ad hoc as well. Each collection has approximately 850 data points. Every time we add a new Collection, subscription holders will be notified via email.

Absolutely. We'd love to learn more. To do so, please email us at bedinquiry@bizbash.com.

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Thanks for noticing. Beta means we're not quite done yet however, we believe the product was needed in the market and wanted to make it available to you even though we are still working on the kinks. PLUS, it allows us to tweak the database based on reviews and feedback from our Charter subscription holders. It's also why we've priced our Charter rates so incredibly reasonably.

The BizBash Events Database is comprised of "Episodic Data" or Collections. In order to appear in the database, the event, venue, organization or person must be connected to a Collection. I.E. The New York Auto Show is part of the "Top 100 Events in New York" Collection, therefore the organization who produced the event can be found in the database, as well as the venue the event took place in, along with the people who were responsible for the event.